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School Security

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The AdaptiCAM offers an effective and economical solution, with options available for all video security needs.  Our system automatically monitors activity at the target site 24 hours/day.

The AdaptiCAM system provides an invaluable security tool for school administrators and law enforcement, providing protection for the students, teachers, administrators, and even parents.

Cameras can be easily installed in many locations, such as a visitor registration center, outdoor play/exercise area, or as an education tool in a location remote to the school as a weather cam. Even when written registration is required, camera confirmation is a valuable confirmation cases in cases of intentional or accidental illegible entries.

Cameras are particularly useful at out-of-the-way, hard-to-monitor exits.

Whether a Pre-School, K-12, University, or Community College, an AdaptiCAM system can provide valuable security.  Since the cameras work 24 hours a day, they provide security at school events or other "after hours" activities.

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